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Ghent University

Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

Department of Flow, heat and combustion mechanics

Research group Thermal Energy in Industry (TEI)

Research group TEI has been conducting research on waste heat valorization especially to transform it into electricity through organic Rankine cycle technology (ORC) or to upgrade it to process heat by using heat pumps with special attention for drying processes. Previous symposia (2009-2012-2014-2016) were held around these themes.

Theme of the 2019 symposium is thermal storage.

This symposium mainly acts as a dissemination activity at the end of the CORNET project Shortstore (Short term heat or cold storage in industry), executed Jan 2017-June 2019.

Beside, project outline and first deliverables of the H2020 CHESTER project (2018-04-01 to 2022-03-31) will be presented. CHESTER (Compressed Heat Energy Storage for Energy from Renewable Sources) is a P2H2P concept.

Finally, a specific thermal storage application, namely linked with CHP (Combined Heat and Power) to increase flexibility will be introduces as it is the subject of a new submitted CORNET project proposal.